Kyu Jong…the rope, our rope ^^


Indeed Kyu is our Centre of SS501…..

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Woah! You saw it?!! Something that we’ve been long awaiting for since don’t know when!

Subconsciously, I’ve been holding my breath and started waiting ever since our boys went solo on June 2010. But when Jung Min went to Taiwan and Japan couple of weeks back and said the boys will be going to his place for dinner, I held my breath even tighter, clench my fingers even harder and hope for the gathering and that they’ll share some beautiful pics. Then~ Young Saeng also mentioned on his recording on Happy Together 3 (episode with Shinhwa) that he is meeting the members for dinner after the recording (but did not specifically mentioned if it’s all members).

Yesterday night, our 3 boys met up at Jung Min Mummy’s restaurant for dinner (supper maybe?) and finally shared their loving moments with us! I realised I heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing…

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Thank you so much for the trans

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Ah-ha~~ ask me why why why I haven’t been subbing videos for SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long? Ask me ask me… :p

Cos hor… I’M L.A.Z.Y… yea, my lazy bug defeated me and kept me imprison for so long. I can’t do anything… except eat, sleep and shit… my everyday routine.. hahahahahahaha eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww disgusting mama >.<

Ok lah… I’m here to share the translations first while you give me a little more time to let me fight my lazy bugs and KILL each single one of them so I can start working on the subbing yah.. GIVE ME MORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE TIME!!

Before u go into reading the translations, I just want to say…. I’ve not been translating articles or whatsoever for a loooooong time, and the below translations are purely based on the chinese subtitles provided in the original video shared by Sina. There might be some areas where the translations are not as…

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This is sweet and funny.

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I come from a long line of meat eaters. I like meat appetizers served before my meat entree with meat sides. It is how I was raised. I do not plan on changing my carnivorous habits.

One night after returning home from work. My wife said, ” Your daughter has something she wants to tell you.”

My reply, ” I need a DNA test to prove anything. Why is it when she does something wrong, she’s my daughter?”

“Just listen to her.”

I sigh. And await my onslaught of impending doom administered by my 13 year old step daughter.

“Step dad…..I have decided that I am a vegetarian.”

“Umm….You don’t even like vegetables.”

“I like carrots……”

“So, you’ve decided you’re a carrotitarian? That’s nice. Tell Bugs I said hello.”

” I’m serious. All of this senseless killing of poor defenseless animals for us to eat is dumb. I’m an vegetarian.”

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