Blocked and Blank


and ……………..

I always end up like this….. 

I have got heaps of ideas and always boost up my energy to sit and write. When I sit to write then every things in my mind get blocked and i go blank once again. And that is how I procrastinate to write. I want to share many things, i want to vent out everything and once again I fail; I fail each time i try to write. 

I know my weakness and that is why i try my best to resolve it but it doesn’t seem to be working at all. I wanna improve my english, grammar and to the least a bit of writing skill but then again got blocked. I want to learn and improve my vocabulary as well  by putting up all together in my writing but yes, I am not doing that. My head gets blocked and hence I go blank.


Kyu Jong…the rope, our rope ^^


Indeed Kyu is our Centre of SS501…..

Originally posted on 우린...끝까지 같이 가자:

Woah! You saw it?!! Something that we’ve been long awaiting for since don’t know when!

Subconsciously, I’ve been holding my breath and started waiting ever since our boys went solo on June 2010. But when Jung Min went to Taiwan and Japan couple of weeks back and said the boys will be going to his place for dinner, I held my breath even tighter, clench my fingers even harder and hope for the gathering and that they’ll share some beautiful pics. Then~ Young Saeng also mentioned on his recording on Happy Together 3 (episode with Shinhwa) that he is meeting the members for dinner after the recording (but did not specifically mentioned if it’s all members).

Yesterday night, our 3 boys met up at Jung Min Mummy’s restaurant for dinner (supper maybe?) and finally shared their loving moments with us! I realised I heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing…

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