Emerging Nepali Singer

Bimbaakash – Khai (Lyrical Video)

Bimbaakash: Khushi- Timro Laagi (Lyrical Video)

[Vid Source: Bartika Eam Rai]

Bartika Eam Rai, an emerging Nepali singer with a very alluring voice, debuting album with her first single “Khai” and followed by “Khushi (Timro Laagi)”. Both of the tracks have been composed beautifully and are soulful with great lyrics and voice. As I listened to the song, it gave me chills. I was more drawn to “Khai” more, as the song is about the people around us and ourselves. It is about the million thoughts and acts of million people wandering, rushing, having their highs and lows, chasing dreams, chasing happiness, searching for peace and yet they are just a one single busy body.

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I am so anticipating for her full album to learn more about her music and wishing her the very best.


Double S 301, Comeback Teaser [3]

[Vid Source: CI ENT]

So, finally, the third teaser has surfaced, featuring Kim Hyung Jun. Junnie, Maknae and Baby, who longer is a baby anymore. Let me verdict his part ofthe teaser. Ammm, I think he was portraying pain out of betrayal, but little in an aggressive way? Of course, I need to find out the full video to find out.

I don’t know why, after checking out all three teasers, I kinda find the moves, vibes, expressions and the styles are similar to their past MVs. I am not sure, it’smy mind making me think like that. Strange! Anyway, looking forward to the full MV and their comeback!

My people, My friends for Life!

Moving on a memory lane, very much nostalgic indeed! Thank you my dear people, my friends for life <3 #fbfriendsday

One thing I like about Facebook (FB) is,  they treasure the moment/s. They indeed try to connect people, worldwide. I am actually bored with FB already, but little gesture like notifying moments and their creative moves, really keeps my put. They’ve always been creative with an album’s and video’s style, along with intriguing music.

What surprised me more here with his video is with its selection of my friends, moments and memories. Like, I mean, how do they get it? On the statistics of likes, comments? What it could be? Sigh! Well, whatever it could be, I totally fell for it.

From school days to college, college to my various journeys abroad and back home till now; indeed a good memory lane. Of course, there are ups and downs along, yet I am truly blessed with the best of the best people, whom I call, “My People, My Friends”. I truly and wholeheartedly would like to thank them for being with me as who I am.

Thank you, My People, My Friends!

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[Exclusive|Photos] CNBLUE Live ‘Come Together’ in Bangkok, Thailand (2016.01.16)

It’s been a great start these boys. All these years they have maintained their consistency and have always been pulling off the charts. Loved the bonding among and love them even more when they crack up on each other :P

6 years, is not a small number to put up; and I believe they feel the same. I hope they will continue what they are doing with understanding, maturity, hard work and fresh musics.

I gotta admit that I am kind of little bored with their music these days in spite of having great capabilities. But that doesn’t disclaim me from being a fan. My first Kpop concert was of CNBlue in Sydney and was enjoying myself alone. Quite brave I think :P. I really wanna go crazy like that again and again, but worth of good music. I wish CNBlue to explore more styles, letting those two cutest maknaes to sing more often (trust me they sing really well) and transitions on every album they release/ released.

Nevertheless, they still rock and want to see them rocking together in future too.


CNBLUE ended the year 2015 with many great concerts, including the Arena Tour ~Be a Supernova~ in Japan, and FNC Kingdom as well. 2016 just started and for the boys it’s time to continue their lives around Asia with their Come Together tour which has started last October. After Shanghai, Seoul and Hong Kong, it was time for Boice from Thailand to welcome CNBLUE in Bangkok for another great concert with the songs from the last album 2gether, released in September.

This time, CNBLUE performed again on the main stage of Impact Arena. On this stage we could see the logo of the album 2gether, the diamond with a night sky inside. Everyone was ready to embark for a blue dream, travelling toward a sky full of stars. But the most four beautiful stars of this sky, bringing us in this travel were our LovelyMinhyuk, UntouchableJungshin

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Double S 301, Comeback Teaser [2]

[Vid Source: CI ENT]

Oh, I forgot to mention the version in my last post. So Teaser [1] was of Kim Kyu Jong’s version, where he portrayed “pain”. And Teaser [2] features, Heo Young Seang.

I verdict, the storyboard will be sad, real sad. But I am guessing, Heo Young Seang trying his mysterious image to pull out his fans till they go *Kyaaaaaaaa*. His hand gestures, few of the dance movements  are familiar with his past music videos, yet looking forward to have a *DAEBAK* MV and comeback!


Double S 301, Comeback Teaser [1]

[Vid Source: CI ENT]

So they are finally coming back, not as 5 but 3, of course the rest two are enlisted so not possible. The teaser looks promising here and Kyu Jong looked cool here. Now am looking forward to Young Seang and Junnie’s version.

This comeback actually brings back many memories, fun and crazy times of mine. On the other hand, I made really very good friends out of this fandom. I cannot express myself how thankful I am, being into this fandom world. Sounds weird? Crazy? Well, only those people who are into this crazy yet very amusing K-pop fandom world will only understand and feel me. Those sleepless nights streaming their releases just to make them count for the week chart, tireless voting online, purchasing the album, despite the language barrier and tweeting till you reach the limit to make them notice to the worldwide.


All those golden memories, seems to come back to life again ;) Can’t wait and looking forward!

And I walked away

Man Walking Down the Line in the Road

Image by © Bloomimage/Corbis

“I gotta go. I gotta leave.
Cause then there’s the sudden change,
Out of nowhere, it seems.
Never know I could be so mean,
Never know you could be so mean,
But that’s just how far you pushed me away …… “

[Wrote this way back around 2014, and to reflect not this, i guess it was a wise decision. It haunts but its ok too.]