Oh My Silly Dear!

He’s so warm and admirable,
yet he is sad.
He’s so soulful and lost,
yet he tries his the best.

Always saying no one
will understand him,
Always saying no one
will ever love him,
Always saying no one
will be with him,
and yet when somebody tells him
that they love him,
he escapes and hides.

Oh Dear!
They love you,
I love you,
you just don’t love yourself,
to protect and love your love.


Flood Alert! Flood Alert!

Finally clearing off my drafts.

Seriously, those who follows me should stop following me. I use this platform to talk to myself, rant and vent out. Basically, this platform is my secret keeper as well as my friend who listens my every single word.

So I think its unfair for the followers.

Sorry and Thank you.