08/31 [news] “SS301 Coming!”…Kim HyungJun·Heo YoungSaeng·Kim KyuJong, Makes a Comeback Next Year as a Sub-Unit


Something to look forward again!!
So ye, it’s a YaY!!!

No idea when will i be able to witness all 5 together or any of these boys but this news is close enough to make me excited about. I guess with their comeback I will be back in fandom again haha kinda lost ;)

Anyway, very much looking forward :D

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Group SS501’s Kim HyungJun, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, will be making a comeback next year as a trio sub-unit.

On 31-Aug, Kim KyuJong’s agency B2M Entertainment told MyDaily “Kim HyungJun, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong are in discussion of making a comeback as a trio sub-unit. Even though plans are not finalized yet, the members are very determined and our side (B2M Entertainment) is also very supportive of it.”

In addition, a related person in the industry has revealed that they are preparing for the comeback which is targeted to be early next year. Kim HyungJun and Heo YoungSaeng had conveyed this similar message each on their own this month, during their solo concert and fan meeting respectively. They are currently in the midst of their solo activities now. Whereas…

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[News] Kim Hyun-joong’s ex-girlfriend cancels charges on Kim’s lawyer – 2015.08.10-13

Seriously I am so done with this. Is there any end for this?
I am so done with people questioning me as well. Ok I like this guy as an artist but I wonder how does it matter with his personal life? Seriously I don’t care and even why should I care!

I don’t know whether the scandal is based on some conspiracy or real but I don’t think so it should matter to any of his fan. I think it’s all about his work, as an artist.

[News] Kim Hyun-joong’s ex-girlfriend cancels charges on Kim’s lawyer – 2015.08.10-13 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Justice4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬.

James Bay- Let It Go

From walking home and talking loads

To seeing shows in evening clothes with you
From nervous touch and getting drunk
To staying up and waking up with you

But now we’re sleeping at the edge
Holding something we don’t need
All this delusion in our heads
Is gonna bring us to our knees

So come on let it go
Just let it be
Why don’t you be you
And I’ll be me

Everything’s that’s broke
Leave it to the breeze
Why don’t you be you
And I’ll be me

And I’ll be me

From throwing clothes across the floor
To teeth and claws and slamming doors at you
If this is all we’re living for
Why are we doing it, doing it, doing it anymore

I used to recognize myself
It’s funny how reflections change
When we’re becoming something else
I think it’s time to walk away

So come on let it go
Just let it be
Why don’t you be you
And I’ll be me

Everything’s that’s broke
Leave it to the breeze
Why don’t you be you
And I’ll be me

And I’ll be me

Trying to fit your hand inside of mine
When we know it just don’t belong
There’s no force on earth
Could make me feel right, no


Trying to push this problem up the hill
When it’s just too heavy to hold
Think now’s the time to let it slide

So come on let it go
Just let it be
Why don’t you be you
And I’ll be me

Everything’s that’s broke
Leave it to the breeze
Let the ashes fall
Forget about me

Come on let it go
Just let it be
Why don’t you be you
And I’ll be me

And I’ll be me

When one don’t grow up 

So annoyed and extremely angry. 

Actually I really don’t know how do I express myself at all. Things are in mess and the person who is suppose to look after and responsible doesn’t want to take it at all. In fact, doesn’t want to grow up at all to face the reality. 

When one do not want to stay in ground and face the reality then how should we deal with? That’s not the only thing yelling at people, being unreasonable, unrealistic, egoistic, not respecting another people are the other stuffs that I am not being able to take it at all. 

I feel like throwing up. 

I feel like going far and shout my chest out. 

I feel like giving one right big slap so that things will become normal with realization. 

I feel like running away and hide myself forever. 

I feel like I will go crazy. 

I feel like i will go in depression and will not recover. 

I feel like I will just have to …

I may sound like I am ranting out myself here. Sigh but I really need a life to survive; at least breathe freely. How I wish if only one can change and grow. 

Are wishes only wishes? 

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Silently different

People are always complicated, trust me always.

If they are not complicated then weird for sure. But they are usually equally complicated and weird when it comes to love and life. They silently walks out and does weird stuffs. How? Well, they are suppose to say thing out straightforwardly to the right person but don’t. They were suppose to embrace the love and life but don’t. They were just suppose to seize the moment but don’t. What do they do then? They just stay silently numb. Come on talking about love and life were suppose to be the most easy thing that one can ever think of. It’s actually us who make it difficult till the extent we get lost ourselves. These were suppose to be easy thing to share and express because they are the good things of anyone’s life but we rather choose to be silently different.

Will we every try to change this and understand very simply? If we have anything to share or express then why don’t we just say it out? If we have a different view of our life then just live that life. If everyone’s heart beats differently then let it be different rather staying silent. If we love someone then I guess we need to have freedom to love as well. If this can lead to happiness then what do we need anything more. So let’s stop living silently thinking it different rather lets live differently so that each moment have it’s own memories to cherish and share.

My heart aches

My heart aches!

My heart aches! My heart aches!


I have no idea on what’s going on with me but my heart aches a lot. I have been feeling this heaviness in my heart all this morning. Neither have i good feeling nor bad. Deep sigh and heavy heart making me really anxious.