My sincere words to you.

I am just overwhelmed with his comeback. I am totally head over heels on him. This fandom world is just amusing and is actually happening to me as well. I shall post on my fandom sometime later. As of now I will begin with my sincere words for him according to my analysis merely.

He (Kim Hyun Joong, Leader of ss501) is a great singer and with more proper trainings he can do much better. He is a very good performer with kind heart and lot of charms. Performance wise he is the best. As a singer, he did his best and i admit he did improve a lot than before. Before he was just a good singer who sings from his heart and that is what attracts his fans. When he starts to sing then that automatically melts your heart with his soft voice. Well thats’ from audience view not from the judger’s so we do enjoy his songs heartily therefore its very obvious that we wont know about tones and mistakes. Anyway that was from his past performances. 

 Now with his Solo comeback with Break Down, it blew me off with his improvements. Now i realise how he used to be and how he is now.  Seriously i can now differentiate his singing a little. He really improved his skills but he still does need more practice and proper trainings. His breathing is the main problem and needs to work on it more and more. I loved each and every song of Break down especially Kiss Kiss.  And I assure you its an improved and complete satisfactory album.

 Let me have my words  from other people’s view.

 Practically, as Kim hyun joong bias/fan or Triple S they will simply love it no matter what and that is the support he needs. These fans cant stand if anyone says anything faulty against him no matter how much that thing is true. I being as a fan of Kim Hyun Joong cant stand it either but thinking the other way at least one of us need to be honest and enlighten him with his doings, no? I am not saying I am the one but I can be that first one because i want him to win, improve, kill all the charts just with a click. I want him to be someone can be presented as example. I dont want anyone to bad mouth on him and this is what all fans thinks honestly. It’s just that they dont come up with this kind of comments. 

Fans and anti fans both are very sharp and keep their eyes and ears wide open. They do judge him if he is capable of singing or not. Since they are not professionals so they judge him like this, check those videos out:

 These people minimise the music to hear him how much live he sings, how he sings and all. They do for other singers too not just Hyun Joong.  What is the bottom line is people working with him and Hyun Joong himself should be aware of this thing and come up with more better performance and live singing.

I might sound like some anti fan here but honestly I am not. And I sincerely want him to stand out from the crowd and all those crowd acknowledge him.

About his album Break Down and MV:

 Awesome album. Each and every single songs are too good. We had our faith that he will come up with an outstanding album but were little worried too. I think I am the 1st person who downloaded his album from itunes, if not then i am definitely the first person to give review on itunes. As soon i download i was overwhelmed with the album. I especially like Kiss Kiss . This song is so bright, happy and catches up with the mood so easily and also this song got a very good beat which makes people to replay the song. I wish he can promote Kiss Kiss as well.

Break down and its MV both are awesome. Please a very nice ballad but little disappointed from it’s MV but at the stage this song suits and is nicer than I thought. I realised why please is been promoted. “Yes I will” – this is another one of my favourite. Intro song, “Let me go” – is also very nice. Honestly all songs got nice beat and music, each of the song has its own charm so the album is just too good. 

I think i talked a lot here, I am afraid if any of his fans happen to find this and might run into me and kill me so i stop myself here with the notes on Always be modest, love your parents and your band members, never forget the days as trainee, keep loving yourself and your work and NEVER GIVE UP; Ultimately you will become a cool and great Singer, Performer and also Actor.

Congratulations and All the very best!


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