A Creepy Dream

I had a creepy dream last night, which almost shook me to the core. I was living alone for a couple of days, had holidays as well and a bit sick so I didn’t go out of my house at all. I slept a bit late, so it didn’t take me long to fall asleep and dreamed shortly thereafter.

Before I fell asleep, I was telling my friend that there’s no one around me so even I am sick I have to cook myself. So I was complaining how life sucks while living alone despite I always wanted to have one. I tell you this thing wasn’t in my head at all before I sleep. So my dream began here, like, I was back in Nepal and having fun, but something inside was bugging me. For instance, I had a feeling that something is wrong with me for sure and I am not aware of it. My left hand was feeling really itchy and I couldn’t stop myself from itching it till I got a wound.The weird thing about the wound was, one of myveins swollen so badly till red and tight. That vein looked so bad that even if you touch it lightly, blood might burst out. Suddenly, I see people from Australia as well and the mood was really high. Suddenly I am back in Nepal again and my mom asked me to visit my aunt so I went out to meet her. On the way to meet her I fainted in the middle of the way which was fortunately in front of the hospital and near to my aunt’s house who was waiting for me outside and noticed about that incident. As soon I woke up in the dream, doctors came to me and said I have Blood Cancer and i broke down into tears. I decided not to tell my mom and dad but my aunt scolded me for thinking such ridiculous stuff. I kept thinking about my parents and the consequences after my death. Yes, I was thinking of the ultimatum.Aunt called my parents to come over and have a talk with me. The funny part is the place where me, mom and dad met looks very modern and so Australian type in the corner of Pulchwok (Pulchwok= Place name in Nepal). So we met there but all of us were so speechless. Moreover, I was stunned at my parents who used to be extremely emotional, held back their emotion so well and asked me to go to another hospital. Right after that I broke down into more tears and the pain of swollen vein was really nerve-wracking.I tried to wake up for real, but I just couldn’t and continued with my dream. It continued with I am in Australia again, meeting friends and colleagues for the last time. I asked some of my friends to visit my parents after I leave and that was my last wish. I met one of my staff, who is more of like a friend and told her about my case and asked a favor to guide my parents with my paper works. After meeting people and farewell, I was not able to bottle up my emotions. I kept thinking about my parents, thinking what will happen after i leave …… a long sigh….Suddenly the pain is back and that was just unbearable and at the same time I was feeling itchy as well. My mom shouted out loud in panic and I was losing my eyesight slowly. Everything seemed blur and I realized it’s time for me to go so I cried my heart out. I was crying so bad that I actually cried in real on my sleep with the same pain on my left hand especially on the shoulder. Finally, I managed myself to wake up and the other strange thing was the pain on my shoulder didn’t go away for long.

After the dream I shared it with my friend and she said, if your shoulder hurts, go and see doc PABO(Pabo = idiot in Korean) but STOP thinking about the bad dream.

It was the most eerie feeling, but, I thank my friend for helping me to calm down. Seriously, dreams are very strange and odd at times. They can be hidden messages from events unknown and portals to the past.

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