A night with JYJ in Barcelona

Click here: A night with JYJ in Barcelona | via KpopFever.com.

Reading this made me goosed up. Seriously both JYJ and their fans are outstanding. “Boys (JYJ)” who perform are always up to the best outcome where “fans” who cheer for them are also impossible. 

This article made me regret more for deciding not to go for K-pop festival on 12th of Nov. Dang I screwed a big one! Now this arose a question for myself, “My I really fan of ….?”, “Do I really want to experience this?-despite mentioning numerous time with once in my life” and so on. Now I have a perfect chance to experience those moments but i still don’t dare to go. Why? Because I am alone and don’t want to go alone. 

I know what a silly reason no? But that’s the way I am, lack of courage 😦 Its all about you enjoying that moment and cheer for bias or singers you like. But having that in mind didn’t help me much to gather courage to buy ticket for myself. 

So after reading these king of article makes me think, “My I a real fan?”, “Will i ever meet or see Kim Hyun Joong in my entire life?” “Will i ever be able to see SS501’s concert (i.e. if they reunite) in this life or with that so call courage of mine?”.

Aaahhh tiring-tiring and regretting regretting! 

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