List of Cover songs by CNBLUE

The Calling: Whenever you will go 

Cr. Lunchfriend 

This Love – Harder to breathe

Cr. cosmosry

Jason Mraz: Geek in the pink 

Cr. cing1092387456

Jason Mraz: I’m Yours

Cr. Bluebluekorean

Jason Mraz: Lucky

cr. Fuugayuki

Jason Mraz: Falling Slowly

cr. misscue777

Rihana: Umbrella

Cr. Lunchfriend

Black Eyed Pea: Lets get it started 

Cr. JoSepHC108

The Beatles: Rock and Roll Music

cr. doughnutbox

Ne-yo: So Sick

cr. lovelyvoice0625

Incubus: Drive

cr. lanie0923

Hoobastank: Inside of you

cr. cnbyonghwa

Brian McKnight: Back At One (jump at 5:12)

cr. kopisprite

Paolo Nutini: New Shoes

cr. thecodenameburning

KARA: Mister

cr. JoSepHC108

김원준 Show with 김장훈

Strong Heart : 정용화 만남 

cr. sbs

Stevie Wonder: Isnt She Lovely (Instrumental)

Cr. lunchfriend

Chocolate: Jung Yonghwa & Lyn’s Because Of You


Shin Seung Hoon – Romeo & Juliet 

Cr. minjongcnb4

크라잉넛: Offside


Jaurim : Magic carpet ride 

cr. doughnutbox

{1. Rain 비 – It’s Raining 0:00 – 0:50 2. Taeyang 태양 – Look At Only Me ( 나만 바라봐 ) 0:51 – 1:47 3. 2NE1 – I Don’t Care 1:48 – 2:33 4. G-Dragon – Heartbreaker 2:34 -3:31}

cr . JoSepHC108 

Wondergirls: Nobody


MBC.Gayo Daejun: Ft Island , Onew & CNBLue 


Cr. mingchaeg 

Yoon Do Hyun: The Distant Future 

cr. cnbluemusic

Lee MoonSe: Girl

cr. bizoo208

Jo Sung Mo: Promise  

Aigoo Jungshin aah hahaha

Cr. kottnoel

YongHwa & KwangHee – Singing Collaboration(Cut) [Happy Together] 

Cr.  devilangel31231 

Mar0on 5: Sunday Morning

cr. devilangel31231 

Jason Mraz : Lucky (Performance “Lucky” with IU on KBS Music Bank 2011 Annual Special )

Cr.   ptpmxm92411 

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