SIGH!!! Can’t SM just give these boys a break ??? Those who wanna leave let them leave, why making their life so hard … it’s not that SM relies on JYJ only …
Nevertheless I love how JYJ are determined and never gives their hope … Will always support and look out for JYJ …


Group JYJ that is named by the initials of three young, talented and beautiful men Jaejoong – Yoochun – Junsu is very popular in Korea as well as overseas. After leaving DBSK because of unfair contract issue in 2009 July and standing on their own feet, they recorded the sale of more than 1,200,000 albums. They held and are going to hold concerts in Asia – Europe – North America – Latin America. They are also very active in dramas and musicals. But just a few days before the broadcast of their daily documentary on a cable channel, it was canceled. They have gained the opportunity to bring the documentary that was thrown out to the big screen. However, “as expected”, a few days before the premiere, the theater side notified them of the ‘screening cancellation’. JYJ’s management company C-JeS Entertainment said, “The contract for the screening of documentary The…

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