The Art of Getting By!

It’s been long that I am here… 

I dont know why was I so desperate to watch this movie and I am glad I ended up watching it. There was nothing new to watch yet I enjoyed.  Of course I have my own reasons too and that is Rule #4 Noodles. Yes I love Noodles. haha you didn’t get me right? That’s prolly you haven’t watch that movie. That’s not all, to be honest the song Here by Pavement used as BGM on its trailer just teased me and made me curious.  

(just in case if you are curious to know the song… Vid Cr. Pavementmusic)

People just might find it an absolute meaningless movie but as an average student myself  and the hard times I had while I was doing my uni, thats’ where this movie got me there. I somehow can connect to my brother’s (cousin brother) story with George (character played in the movie) as well.  My cousin brother is somewhat like George, talented but lazy, very good at arts but he is lacking of motivation in life.  So I felt like these things really happened/happening for real.

Oh yes there was Alicia Silverstone playing a frumpy teacher in there and I was like WHAT ?? WHAT is she doing there??? haha never mind. For me its definitely watchable movie even though the storyline was kinda weak or say portrayed weak and not exciting.

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