In the first pic of Changmin he looks like a baby…
I dont know how but most of the people I like or I am bias to loves drinking and I love to drink too keke ..very connective LOL
Also I found this very funny when his dad is sorry towards him cause he has not been praising his son much lately …aigooo so sweet of him …

fashion follows yoochun


Q: Is there any particular details when wearing a suit recently or is there any design/cut that you like?

I like suits that fits well. Though its a bit different for today, but it’s not bad too. It has been very interesting during the shooting.

Q: Which outfit do you like the most from today’s?

I like that suit that looks a bit colour-faded. The one with short sleeves and the hat is not to bad too. Ah, what is that called?

Q: It’s called suspenders. Simply known as harness?

Mm, the staff was saying, ‘This is a harness?’, I said, ‘Please don’t say so’ Haha.

Q: Do you still feel shy when people praised you with ‘You are so good-looking’, ‘ So handsome’?You have been saying, ‘There’s nothing great about me’, ‘Aiyo’, ‘No no’. You have yet grown accustomed to such praises?

My father has been very rarely…

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