His smile is always the best …. just gives u a warm feeling … for me his smile just melts me with that warm …
I dont know if anyone has noticed or not but CNBlue’s Yonghwa is always somewhere in the articles along with Kim Hyun Joong… No offence I am not saying anything bad here as I like CNBlue as well … it just why always Yonghwa ???

★ 501 World ★

Kim Hyun Joong became an idol star who heals people’s heart the most.

Music site Monkey 3 carried out a survey under the subject of “Who heals your heart the most?” targeting 1,953 people from March 9 to April 15. As a result, Kim Hyun Joong ranked number one, receiving 1,044 votes (53%).

People responded: “Kim Hyun Joong makes me feel happy,” “Kim Hyun Joong makes my heart warm and I feel like I’m getting consoled by him when I look at him,” “Kim Hyun Joong makes me happy,” “I just like Kim Hyun Joong without a specific reason.”

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa ranked second, followed by G-Dragon (of Big Bang), Suzy (of Miss A), and So Hee (of Wonder Girls). Monkey 3 is carrying another survey under the subject, “Who are you most excited about from the singers who come back in May?” The candidates are Jun Su…

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  1. Erin says:

    People think they look alike, as if they are brothers. They also both played second leads in popular dramas (You’re Beautiful & Boys Over Flowers), so they often get mentioned together.

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