Kim Hyun Joong FanMeeting 2012 in Singapore

Awesome event given out with awesome memories to fans … i thank @lamerhui for her wonderful FA n pics

안녕 Si Hui ❤

Favorite month of the year.

AWESOME. AMAZING. — That’s how I gonna to describe this lovely month.
Though, this might sound weird as it is only the start of the month. But, who doesn’t love their own birthday month? And, there’s gonna have many many meetups and gathering this month too. Besides, the amazing thing is – I’m going to KHJ FM!

Thank you. 

I really want to go for this concert, but due to some reasons, I was almost on the peak of giving up. I thought I will be back to the days where I will be happy even by looking at photos and videos. I thought so. Then, I received a really thankful message, a really thankful ticket from @wonderrrgirl (Alice). Thank you, I did not know what else to say but thank you for the ticket that given me a chance to see Hyun Joong once again, a…

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