Do you want to know about SHINHWA??

It’s a long read but worth reading… I bet after reading this you too will go like , No wonder they are called as Legendary. Seriously 14 years not a joke… This read made me laugh, feel sad, pain and happy … They really went through a lot…

I even thought of SS501 and once again I rouse my false HOPE of SS501’s reunion … There’s no harm hoping for that no? who knows they might be called 2nd legendary …
Its really hard to keep the friendship like this… I always want to have such bond with my friends too and honestly and proudly I can say that despite the differences, I have a good bonding with my friends too .. We are friends from school and some of them are from Nursery level… Ain’t I lucky?

Oki, I will just stop my ranting here and enjoy reading!!


The Chronicle of the LEGEND

Year 00 (1998) � The birth of a New Legend

Dongwan: Within a week after we debuted, IMF occurred.

Hyesung: “The first album title song “Hye Gyul Sa” didn�t receive any reception due to the IMF in the Korean economy.

Hyesung: So we changed the song to “Eusha Eusha”.

Dongwan: But right after �Eusha Eusha� was released, a flood disaster occurred.

Hyesung: It was a song about having fun at the beach and playing with water.
in that situation would a song about having fun with water do?”

Dongwan: The music video was filmed in a pool, so they didn�t play the music video on TV at that time.

yesung: 1998 was the most difficult time in which Shinhwa struggled in.
Everyday, we were busily taking part in all sorts of programs and almost didn�t have time to eat or sleep.
This type of intensity…

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