120626 General All-Purpose Post!!!

My thoughts:

Forget about the song for a while, forget about JYJ and look at that pic … can you feel something?
Well as for me I can see a good time among three brothers like friends. The friendship, trust, love and bonding can be sensed. I always believe friends are the best thing in our lives. To have such bonding, it is not compulsion to be together 24/7 neither have to write each other nor phone each other; cause friendship does not depend on being together. It is deeper than that. The closeness is something inside of us that is always there
ready to be shared with each other, whenever the need arises. It is such a comfortable and warm feeling to know to have such a lifetime friendship.

That is what i see in this pic and imaging me and my friends. We are not together physically at the moment and yet we are together with all our warm and welcoming hearts.

Enjoy the song and treasure the moments with your friends.


Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun,build friendships,share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

^ click to play while looking at the picture or reading comments ^^


Credit: gleamineye tumblr

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