Silently different

People are always complicated, trust me, “always”.

If they are not complicated then weird for sure. But they are usually equally complicated and weird when it comes to love and life. They silently walk out and does weird stuffs. How? Well, they are supposed to say things out straightforwardly to the right person but they don’t.They were supposed to embrace the love and life but don’t. They were just supposed to seize the moment, but don’t. What do they do then? They just stay silently numb.Come on, talking about love and life are supposed to be the easiest thing that one can ever think of. It’s actually us, who make it difficult till the extent we get ourselves lost. These were suppose to be the easiest thing to share and express because they are the good things of anyone’s life but we rather choose to be silently different.

Can we even try to change this and understand very simply? If we have anything to share or express then why don’t we just do it? If we have a different view of our life then just live that life. If everyone’s heart beats differently then let it be different rather staying silent. If we love someone, then I guess we need to have freedom to love as well. If that can lead to happiness, then why not? Let’s stop living silently and start living differently so that each moment have its own memories to cherish and share.


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