When one don’t grow up 

So annoyed and extremely angry.

Actually, I really don’t know how do I express myself at all. Things are in a mess and the person who issupposed to look after and responsible doesn’t want to take it at all. In fact, doesn’t want to grow up at all to face the reality.

When one do not want to stay in the ground and face the reality, then how should we deal with? That’s not the only thing yelling at people, being unreasonable, unrealistic, egoistic, not respecting other people are the other stuffs that I am not being able to take it at all.

I feel like throwing up.

I feel like going far and shout my chest out.

I feel like giving one tight big slap, so that things will become normal with realization.

I feel like running away and hide myself forever.

I feel like I will go crazy.

I feel like i will go in depression and will not recover.

I feel like I will just have to …

I may sound like I am ranting out only. Sigh, but Ireally need a life to survive; at least breathe freely. How I wish if only one can change and grow.

Are wishes only wishes?


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