CNBlue’s 2nd full album

Finally they are back with their second full album, tiltled “2gether”. Ye, ye, ye, I am very late for this and I am very much up to date with their activities. I was just being plain lazy to write about it. I was re-watching Cinderella’s MV and made me think of many things, so hence decided to write it down here. And Yonghwa powered his voice so much that it overshadowed other members, which was little unsatisfactory. 

About the MV, the boys were looking kyaaaaa keke. Jung shin with that nerdy look, Minhyuk with muscles hehe *total fangirl mode*. They all fall for same Cinderella and the Cinderella remained a mystery till the end. All four of these guys were looking matured and muscular. But I never ever get the concept of going shirtless to prove maturity. However the song and MV was ok but kinda abstract for me. May be i need to go through lyrics to connect with the story/concept behind the MV.

Now, about the album, I heard them all and here are my reviews of each song.

Hide and Seek: I didn’t get to know different element or feel here. Sounds similar to their previous song/style.

Roller Coaster: When it started off it somehow gave the feeling of the songs of Bob Marley (i don’t know why).But little different and nice.

Domino: Now here I am talking, I loved this song more than other songs as it is so much different from their previous album and singles. Honestly, I was kinda getting bored with them because of similar type of songs and thankfully Domino proved me wrong. Yes, I am finally back into CNBlue’s gaga land :p

Hero: Little slow and again back to the old pattern. Sorry, couldn’t connect with this song.

Drunken Night: Now this is very much different with lil techno feel. Thats’ different from CNBlue’s usual style. Not bad, good try!

Catch Me: I think they wanna try and bring a discotheque/ techno kind of songs and I am being able to grasp that.

Hold My Hand:Ammm, surely boys did work hard on various stylesand genre. Now this song gives soothing jazz, but since I never understood jazz, I was confused. The song was kinda tempting so couldn’t ignore, butthat doesn’t mean the song was mind-blowing either.

Control: Sorry I didn’t like this song at all. Too noisy for me.

Radio: Now this is better and with full of energy. The song itself is nice.

발자국 (Footsteps): This is kinda refreshing, a little melodious, a bit old pattern with new touch and hence a nice song.

To sum it up, overall, the album is just about average. Little disappointed, but without trying the boys will not know as well. Yonghwa should try different styles on his vocal, Minhyuk and Jung Shin should sing more parts (was highly expecting from this album) and Jonghyun is just fine with his angelic voice but needs little more part as well.

So that is it from my side and are my thoughts only, no offence please 🙂

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