Double S 301, Comeback Teaser [1]

[Vid Source: CI ENT]

So they are finally coming back, not as 5 but 3, of course the rest two are enlisted so not possible. The teaser looks promising here and Kyu Jong looked cool here. Now am looking forward to Young Seang and Junnie’s version.

This comeback actually brings back many memories, fun and crazy times of mine. On the other hand, I made really very good friends out of this fandom. I cannot express myself how thankful I am, being into this fandom world. Sounds weird? Crazy? Well, only those people who are into this crazy yet very amusing K-pop fandom world will only understand and feel me. Those sleepless nights streaming their releases just to make them count for the week chart, tireless voting online, purchasing the album, despite the language barrier and tweeting till you reach the limit to make them notice to the worldwide.


All those golden memories, seems to come back to life again 😉 Can’t wait and looking forward!

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