My people, My friends for Life!

Moving on a memory lane, very much nostalgic indeed! Thank you my dear people, my friends for life ❤ #fbfriendsday

One thing I like about Facebook (FB) is,  they treasure the moment/s. They indeed try to connect people, worldwide. I am actually bored with FB already, but little gesture like notifying moments and their creative moves, really keeps my put. They’ve always been creative with an album’s and video’s style, along with intriguing music.

What surprised me more here with his video is with its selection of my friends, moments and memories. Like, I mean, how do they get it? On the statistics of likes, comments? What it could be? Sigh! Well, whatever it could be, I totally fell for it.

From school days to college, college to my various journeys abroad and back home till now; indeed a good memory lane. Of course, there are ups and downs along, yet I am truly blessed with the best of the best people, whom I call, “My People, My Friends”. I truly and wholeheartedly would like to thank them for being with me as who I am.

Thank you, My People, My Friends!

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