Emerging Nepali Singer

Bimbaakash – Khai (Lyrical Video)

Bimbaakash: Khushi- Timro Laagi (Lyrical Video)

[Vid Source: Bartika Eam Rai]

Bartika Eam Rai, an emerging Nepali singer with a very alluring voice, debuting album with her first single “Khai” and followed by “Khushi (Timro Laagi)”. Both of the tracks have been composed beautifully and are soulful with great lyrics and voice. As I listened to the song, it gave me chills. I was more drawn to “Khai” more, as the song is about the people around us and ourselves. It is about the million thoughts and acts of million people wandering, rushing, having their highs and lows, chasing dreams, chasing happiness, searching for peace and yet they are just a one single busy body.

Follow her for other tracks/ covers/ videos/ updates on,
1. Soundcloud
2. Facebook
3. Official Youtube Channel 

I am so anticipating for her full album to learn more about her music and wishing her the very best.


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