A Dream For All

(Source: Walter Chang)

Wow, what cool stuffs!

Dream, this is a dream, dream for me and should be for everyone.

After watching this video I think, dreams can be realised and is never too late. I started having this passion for travel was right after my grads. I enjoyed that trip so much that I promised myself to travel to one new destination each year. Since then somehow I have achieved that goal (till 2015). Yay I kinda feel proud.

On the contrary, I was thinking I should pause for a while or even give up, unwillingly. And right then, I found this amazing video. Well, I can definitely pause for a while, save up and plan something big. It’s all about how you wanna carry your passion and live your dream.

Seriously, we all should travel and learn about places, people, food (food is must :P) and just relax. It is not just fun, but learning as well. It is all about expanding your horizon of your knowledge. Connecting people, sharing stories and letting your soul to have its desert.

I should definitely get a map and a plan.



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