A Letter

A very thoughtful friend of mine with his sweet and thoughtful poem…

Check out his blog for more 🙂

Matra Ek Soch

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A Letter
The days we spent looking up at the clouds The nights we spent just looking up at the stars, Even when you spoke only a single word Like a tune of a flute how it pierced my heart! The graceful melodies from the depth of your eyes Gave us a song and a story in our lives, A moment in bliss, a feeling of a divine time In a world known to us as our secret paradise! Can I be a promise, To be the shine in your star, Walk with you to the roads that are far Can we see the spring in every passing year ? And get old in our garden with only a joyful tear! Just a letter for you to smile when I am gone, A token to recall the lines we've drawn, Places can change as we walk the streets of life…

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