Hmm… Fears are like demons and as my noisy mind rolls, I realised I often think about my fears. I started to think and listed out some of my fear. Like,

  • swimming
  • heights
  • rollercoaster rides
  • maths
  • nepali
  • eye to eye talk
  • love
  • life
  • death
  • hurting people
  • marriage
  • regrets
  • losing people
  • trying new food
  • start ups
  • joining gym
  • and many more.

I did overcome few fears. Some of them are still there. So I would like to start a series of post of my recent thoughts on various fears. I know I do not get responses here but I am hoping that by ranting here will help me to come up with answers, maybe?

Lets see!

Fear #1, coming soon!


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