NO rights!

I am pretty sad and angry.

And now to think of it, I find myself very very pathetic. Look what am I doing? I have no one to share and ranting here or go to chatroom and fake laugh. Gosh!!

I am just wondering, is it so wrong trying to keep memories. I know he will ask me to leave him anytime but why like this? Why is he always so hesitant about our pictures.

But I guess, the lil girl from my last post made me clear now. I am actually feeling so so pathetic now, lost with words. I kind of feel lost with my own direction.

I am not being able to sleep at all. What should I do?

maan sarai dukhcha tara tyo vanda ni badhi I feel lost after hearing her. I also envy her, how boldly she can confess in front of everyone and him by her side no matter what. malai ta photo share garna ni garo. What am I even dreaming?

I feel lost in every way!


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