This is saz33na and this blog is my cluttered world which contain all about my craziness, my worries, frustrations, good moments and fangirl-ing. Yes Fangirl-ing! 

I am just an average girl but not as ordinary as actual ordinary people are. I dream like other ordinary people but my dreams are slighly different from others for sure. Some people have great attitude and some lack and I am just an attitude not the person with an attitude. Now it’s you who to decide what kind of attitude i have got. I love music, art, beach, movies, drama, love to sleep, friends and families, in short i love various spice of life. There are other more lots of stuffs which me non-ordinary person but definitely not unique. I am clumsy and confused person yet i have a great potential to confuse other so that they don’t notice me as confused. I stroll here and there silently with many thought inside me and i guess thats what makes me an easy going and trustworthy person.  Basically I am very introvert, dark and gloomy person who loves just the opposite from the life way I live.

I have ULTIMATE fascination for ss501, especially Hyun Joong and the enticing K-World (Korean Entertainment World). Apart from Hyun Joong and ss501, I love CNBlue, JYJ, Hyun Bin (Actor who stepped into my heart successfully at the very first attempt), Kim Bum (Actor), Onew (He’s the only reason i love SHINee), Song JoongKi and many more. In short, I am a crazy girl loving so many (Oops size really does matter).

Basically all the posts are just random as random as ME.

PS. I am a newbie here so feedbacks feed me. So be generous to feed me with both the good and the bad responses.


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