I am somebody

[I do not remember exactly what happened and what were we talking but this poem happened. It started with a conversation ‘I am somebody’. My friends asked me who are you? I continued, I am somebody yet I am nobody then he continued with the other line and vice versa. It’s incomplete and I doubt, either of us will complete. However, I would like to share with what we came up and this random experience of mine. So here it goes…]


I am somebody yet I am nobody

I question my existence

Yet am breathing each second

Feel my pulse yet restless

Feel my heart and its pounding very loud

Standing opposite to light can’t see shadow

Walking tireless with no destination

Standing strong yet vulnerable

Far beyond, I see a light

Comforts me for a moment

Deep insight knows its unreal

False abundance diminish and disappears

A heavy thought run through my mind

Paralyzing my brain and chaining me inside

Disconsolate.. I would go


… and it’s over

… and it’s over.

Two restless nights and same dream (I would rather call it a nightmare for life) for two consecutive days; I guess they were signaling me for this. I should have been careful and cautious.

Nevermind the damage has already been done.

~The End~

In Our Eyes

“I remember days in an open country

When we walked freely

And traveled to every corner

To live each of our dreams,

In Our Eyes!!”

Matra Ek Soch

I wrote for you
As a gentle whisper passed by,
In the silence of a summer breeze
When I conveyed love with unspoken words,
I could hear your heart whisper,
And your eyes said it all!
And Words,
I said to you
In a picture, a story, and in a song
In a pulse of your voice and the Musical chores,
In grace of the roses
In shape of the clouds
In your playfulness and innocence!
And Words,
You wrote to me
I imagine you read my mind
To tell me the exact words I want to hear
To make me feel better
To make me believe in the unseen words
Unseen just with an open eye!
And Words,
You said to me
As they whisper in my ears
I remember days in an open country
When we walked freely
And traveled to every corner
To live each of…

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A Letter

A very thought friend of mine with his sweet and thoughtful poem…

Check out his blog for more 🙂

Matra Ek Soch

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A Letter
The days we spent looking up at the clouds The nights we spent just looking up at the stars, Even when you spoke only a single word Like a tune of a flute how it pierced my heart! The graceful melodies from the depth of your eyes Gave us a song and a story in our lives, A moment in bliss, a feeling of a divine time In a world known to us as our secret paradise! Can I be a promise, To be the shine in your star, Walk with you to the roads that are far Can we see the spring in every passing year ? And get old in our garden with only a joyful tear! Just a letter for you to smile when I am gone, A token to recall the lines we've drawn, Places can change as we walk the streets of life…

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I super duper like Korean movies and dramas and most of the time, their storyline is based on unrequited love. And that particular role is always an eye candy. LOL!

So I was thinking, is it a good thing to like or love someone tirelessly and without any expectation. Is it ok to ignore the reality and keep moving on the path of unrequited love?

Well, there are so many questions and of course answers too but one good thing about having an unrequited love for someone is that I get to decide when to end it. My feelings have been out of my control, but I get to decide when to tame my heart. Your heart will always be passionate enough to treat you well and sets you free whenever you want, whenever I want.

Of course, it is a sad thing that you already get to know sooner or later you gotta stop. Stop for good, good for all.

Womanhood​ or Taboo?

Menstruation, 4-7 days of pain. Is it a just a natural cycle every period or a taboo? In Nepal, menstruation means impurity of menstrual blood, girls/ women turns into untouchable or even isolation.

I was surfing youtube and randomly found this video where it talks about the reactions of the people on menstruation. The video is more about how do people think about it? What are their perspectives? Are there any changes among people?

[Vid Source: Channel Arbitrary

After watching this video, I would like to share my own thoughts.

Menstruation is just a cycle of womanhood and not just the body, but the mind needs rest as well. Now talking about the rituals that I have in my house is not different from those uneducated people or villagers. My mom doesn’t allow me to touch my dad or even enter his room, no access to kitchen and prayer’s room and apart from that, there are so many other things that she doesn’t allow or makes me do, or makes me cautious about.

Me, yes, I am an educated girl and yet I am helpless to bring in change. I fail. I am no different from uneducated people. Not that I haven’t tried at all; I always fail in spite of many attempts to bring change or persuade my mom. My mom, she is so blinded by all those stupid religious aspects that she doesn’t want to know or listen, so getting aware is way too far for her. I get frustrated every time when I get my periods because of these stupid norms. I feel really happy to see the change among some of us who has started to giving access and doesn’t discriminate anymore. But I feel sad when I cannot explain my mom and change. I feel really bad for not being able to do anything or rebel. I certainly wish her to understand and bring in change. I definitely want to end this and take menstruation as a natural process of the body towards womanhood.

I feel helpless but I will not stop trying.

Living Defective Piece

2017, super excited for a new day, new endeavors, new journeys, resolutions, plannings and a whole new year. But life doesn’t always turn out the way one planned or the way one once thought of. And that exactly happened with me. Despite all the plans, excitement and positiveness, everything seems not right for me. From the beginning of 2017, my health got deteriorated and thought of analyzing my body, head to toe.

  • Brain, not damaged but have a problem of overthinking and getting lost.
  • Hair, massive problem of hair loss. I used to have a long and thick hair and since I’m into medicines, it’s a goodbye.
  • Eyes, a gone case with myopia.
  • Nose, always running and itchy with pollen allergy.
  • Teeth, one down, and so many waiting.
  • Ear, am aging up so do my hearing ability (not exhilarating)
  • Skin, extremely sensitive and dead
  • Throat, tonsil is my best friend for life
  • Breast, have a record of having lump and it’s still there (so far its normal)
  • Abdominal and lower area: Do not have the gall bladder. A problem with lower stomach area hence periods problem.
  • Deficiencies of vitamin d, hemoglobin, iodine, iron
  • Nails cracks
  • Leg, a ligament is torn twice.

Wooooo, I am speechless myself. I have problems from head to toe. No wonder I am one hell defective piece, a living defective piece.