SS501 members on twiter:                                           JYJ members on twitter:

Kim Kyu Jong                                                                                Kim Jae Joong

Heo Young Seang                                                                          Park Yoochun

Kim Hyung jun                                                                               Kim Junsu

Park Jun Min                                                                         SHINee members on twitter: 

CNBlue on twitter:                                                                    Onew (Lee Jinki)

All four boys use same account.                                                  Kim Jong Hyun 

Other useful links:

EatyourKimchi :

A dorky married Canadian couple on youtube living in Korea and making a lot of videos about it. Eatyourkimchi prepares you for living in Korea and loving it. Heaps of fun with their side of reviews on your fave idols.

Other blog list from EYK :

List of sites from Eatyourkinchi which might be useful or interesting on various categories.

Seoul Beats :

Seoulbeats offers fresh commentary and perspective on Kpop culture. I bet they are different.


This site is very spicy and juicy as they love commenting and reporting on interesting news and gossip about our favorite and not so favorite Korean celebs.

Seoul Eats  :

A restaurant review blog and Korean culture blog. Now you’ll know what’s your taste bud looking for right?

Korean Comics :

Korean Comics is an experimental webcomic with English subtitles. It is educational if you are trying hard to learn Korean.

Learn Hangul :

Learn hangul from the scratch. This site will teach you how to pronounce the Korean letters.

Haru Korean :

Another site where we can learn Korean language. This site will help you to learn new Korean expressions, and speak correct and natural Korean.