[Song Pick] “Raktim”- Various Versions

Recently, I came to know this Nepali folk song ‘Raktim by Phatteman Rajbhandari’, and instantly loved it. Well, to be very honest, if I had found this song 10 years back then I wouldn’t have liked the song at all. I would have ignored any song of this genre. However, as I am aging, my taste and preferences are changing and I am liking this kind of songs. Is it just me or happens to everyone? Well, in any case, I kind of find this funny.

Anyway, enjoy the song by the singer himself and the cover version.

Raktim by Phatteman Rajbhandari:


Raktim by Stairs of Cirith (Cover):


[Song Pick] James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go

I had not heard of James Arthur nor his songs. I was just surfing youtube and randomly clicked one the videos and BAM! that sound of the guitar, already liked the song (haha crazy me). Now giving it a try, when I heard the whole song, dang, the lyric is so sweet. I just melted down. This song is like every girl’s perfect dream. But at the same time, this song can relate to love, friends, family, and loss. This song has the ability to resonate with everyone right down to the core.

Here’s the lyrical video:


And, here is the official video:




Fear, I don’t know from where to start but, the fear inside me mostly comes true. I do wanna let it out, share, talk about and seek help if needed. It sounds simple, right? Also sounds, ‘I know what to do to overcome’, ain’t it? But, it’s not simple as it sounds.

I always make circles of thoughts and overthink and hence, I never overcome my fear. Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to and sometimes I feel like I am desperate as hell. Why does this happen? Why can’t I just follow my heart and act rationally while I am extremely aware of what’s going on?

Fear it is, I guess I can never defeat!

Acoustic, Mash up and Cover songs

I simply love an acoustic version of songs and covers. And yeah, if there are some narrations in a captivating voice, then it’s like a cherry on the top <3. Haha

Let me share few links of my taste,

[Cr.Megan Davies]

[Cr.Megan Davies]

[Cr. Louisa Wendorff]

People who follow me knows, how much i boast around one of my fav people who cover songs (Nepali, English, and Hindi) beautifully as well as he got his own awesome songs.

Check out his songs on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/saral-carkey (Do not forget to follow :D)

Also, you can subscribe to his Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/saralmark

Here comes another friend (also one of my fav people 😀 ), who cover songs addictively melodious. He loves to play with the songs and add his touch. He also composes his own songs but never been shared on any online platform. But trust me he’s got talent. Do not have many but few of his covers can be found on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/casualplays

Please do not forget to follow and encourage him to post more covers and originals.

So enjoy this much for now and I shall share more of song picks of my choice 😉

[Song Pick] Kodaline – Talk


[Cr. Kodaline Lyrics]

Kodaline and his songs, how do I put it into words? Listening to his songs makes me nostalgic and slightly relatable as well.

I think when some people takes up a big space and leaves you behind, then you are left alone with empty mind and heart. And hence, the things that had been said and done will always linger around somewhere back of the head. People will definitely move on but it is not easy to forget everything and let go. I know this sounds little silly and crazy, yet are good old memories to cherish on.

[Song Pick] Acoustic Cuts – Show Me Love (Samuel Remix)

[Cr. MrRevillz]


You got to show me love

Heartbreaks and promises
I’ve had more than my share

I’m tired of giving my love
And getting nowhere, nowhere
What I need is somebody,
who really cares
I really need a lover
a lover, who wants to be there
It’s been so long since
I’ve touched a wanting hand
I can’t put my love on the line
that I hope you, will understand

So baby if you want me,
You’ve got to show me love
Words are so easy to say, but
You’ve got to show me love

I’m tired of getting caught up
In those one night affairs
What I really need is somebody,
who would always be there
Don’t you promise me the world,
And all that I’ve already heard
This time around for me baby,
actions be louder than words

So baby if you want me,
You’ve got to show me love
Words are so easy to say, but
You’ve got to show me love