Monkey in a stage

It’s ok and I will not cry
I will sleep and try
I will struggle to forget and try to escape,
and it’s too dark and scary for me to shape.
Now, both my heart and mind are kinda misty,
but I can always reach out a glass of whiskey.

I am just a laughing stock now,
just like a monkey in a stage!


Every Moment Was You

Every Moment Was You

My every moment was you
When I loved,
and also when I was in pain.
Even at our moment of farewell,
you were the whole world to me,
and every moment was you.
Without you,
I don’t think I can explain the story of my life so far.

Oh My Silly Dear!

He’s so warm and admirable,
yet he is sad.
He’s so soulful and lost,
yet he tries his the best.

Always saying no one
will understand him,
Always saying no one
will ever love him,
Always saying no one
will be with him,
and yet when somebody tells him
that they love him,
he escapes and hides.

Oh Dear!
They love you,
I love you,
you just don’t love yourself,
to protect and love your love.

Running away

I wanna hide again for so many reasons,

So many reasons that I fear of

Bottled up my thoughts, feelings and just walked away

B’coz I am not stronger and able to look at you just that way

Looking at you and smiling at you

Hurts me even more and puts me in pain

Hence I wanna hide again

Running away with an empty heart

A heart that now stuffed with “If only, if only and if only”.

A Visitor

Meeting someone in life is something thats actually amazing
Thats because he brings himself with his past, present, and his future
Thats because someone’s whole life comes along
The heart is fragile
Therefore, it might have been broken,
That heart is coming too
I am curious to know,
what kind of paths your heart went through.
The reason my heart hurts so much,
when I learned of the path his heart went through..
isn’t jealousy nor frustration
I dreamed of loving someone
The fact that you ended your love was bit sad…
Even though, you know it well,
and even though you have gone through before,
I believe whatever happens here after is no one’s fault
It will happen just to be that way
Like some waves keep on flowing while the others break
It just happens that way
So don’t worry too much
It’s not like you know all about today,
just because you lived yesterday
The fragile heart of yours might have been broken before,
but that heart still have chance to come to me
The truth may be painful and dark,
but the story will only begin then.

I am somebody

[I do not remember exactly what happened and what were we talking but this poem happened. It started with a conversation ‘I am somebody’. My friends asked me who are you? I continued, I am somebody yet I am nobody then he continued with the other line and vice versa. It’s incomplete and I doubt, either of us will complete. However, I would like to share with what we came up and this random experience of mine. So here it goes…]


I am somebody yet I am nobody

I question my existence

Yet am breathing each second

Feel my pulse yet restless

Feel my heart and its pounding very loud

Standing opposite to light can’t see shadow

Walking tireless with no destination

Standing strong yet vulnerable

Far beyond, I see a light

Comforts me for a moment

Deep insight knows its unreal

False abundance diminish and disappears

A heavy thought run through my mind

Paralyzing my brain and chaining me inside

Disconsolate.. I would go