Filmy Encounter!

Let me share my filmy encounter quickly. I know I am due with my Heatauda post but I really have to write this one coz I am not being able to stop thinking about it 😛

So he and I had some work together at the bank and planned for lunch together. I was little early and was waiting for him at one corner. As he entered the bank, he looked so dashing and cool in that attire and the professional look.

Awwww!!!!! Kill me, just kill me hahaha. My heart beat fastens and all the butterflies were dancing in my stomach in excitement. Yet I managed to put up my straight face haha. Well, how do I describe that moment? It was as similar as in the movies. Actor/ Actress drops the jaw and becomes speechless, cannot do or think anything other than staring at the actor/actress on the other side. I happened to be a similar one to react that way and went in aww. Man he looked freaking cool. The way he greeted his colleagues, way he was talking with his seniors and other colleagues; everything he was doing looked so cool, lol! I couldn’t stop staring at him and stealing glances at him hahaha. He was getting non-stop calls and was pressurized with numerous work, yet he was looking so cool handing the situations.

Man, I am in love with this guy again. I am still recalling that entrance haha. Wow! I am not gonna tell him about it hehe else he will take me as a crazy lady 😉


Running away

I wanna hide again for so many reasons,

So many reasons that I fear of

Bottled up my thoughts, feelings and just walked away

B’coz I am not stronger and able to look at you just that way

Looking at you and smiling at you

Hurts me even more and puts me in pain

Hence I wanna hide again

Running away with an empty heart

A heart that now stuffed with “If only, if only and if only”.